Sunday, February 21, 2010

i'M bACK


Happy New Year 2010, wishing all the best this year. It's been several months not posting anything & without a definite reason. I guess i'm pretty much bored, doing the usual thing daily. So here's a start-up pics in the dark with a little bit of twist.
Why in the dark?
Blackout & waiting for the lights to turn back on.Doing some reading about low-lights photography, which entice me in doing it. Huh~...I'm not really confident enough with low lights photos, perhaps this coming weeks, i'll managed to do it better.The guys are back & ready for yet another exciting outings together, who are not afraid to get back home late for dinner..
The shot~
Trying to get things right, i took several shot & some determination shows. Shot in Aperture priority mode with an exposure of f/22 at 20 seconds, iso 100.
Does it do any justice?..

Wednesday, July 08, 2009


TASEK-MERIMBUN-1 Morning Glory - [Tasek Merimbun]

That early morning was cloudy, the lake is only dim haze on the horizon. I sat soundly on the passenger seat driven by puppetpicasso, wondering where the hell were we. Looking outside from where i'm seating, i thought and wander, maybe we are lost!. Puppetpicasso had made the wrong u-turn to nowhere, only to be greeted by a waste site scenery and a dead end. Realising that, we headed out to where we first started. It took us 15 lousy mins & another 15 mins more going back. I couldn't do much help because i'd never been there before.[hahaha]

The scouting list to Tasek Merimbun was just a "Wanted" list of places to visit. [Haven't scout thoroughly..daaa!]

Finally after finding the right route, we reached tasek merimbun with empty stomach. Mine's growling & i'm thirsty. Felt like I can drink the whole Tasek Merimbun. Gulp..gulp..gulp...! burrp!

After a quick breakfast of home-made goodies which is just enough for the both of us, I dally out from where i'm seated. Just after crossing the wooden bridge [Previous post] we entered a new area. This small island was once enriched with treasure from the past centuries. Thou, i only get to know about the details from my brief visit to the nearby gallery information. We wandered around this tiny island for only 45mins or so.. The land is dry & combustile, lighting a cigaratte would easily enlight fire!! Puppetpicasso was on the other half of the island, while i was staying put. I saw him minding something else afar, which caught my attention!.

The pics:-

Centering my focus on him, seen as above pics.[Puppetpicasso]- down on his knees at that wooden bridge, camera hand-held & still like a dead corpse. What is he shooting? Hope he's taking photo's of someone taking a bath on the lake. A lost mermaid perhaps?[i think not] Or maybe some monkeys up on the trees waving back at him.[Clueless]. Nonetheless, i found this shot appealing and it's up for viewing.

Hope you like it, Feel free to write in comments or critics provided at the comments column instead splurring it out at the chat-box. Thank you for visiting, hope we meet someday. Having a laugh & shooting in the wilderness soon. olallaa...!!!

Thursday, July 02, 2009



The intro;- A lost friend..

While purchasing a U2 cd today, i met a friend,whom i didn't recollect at first thought.[mcm pernah tengok tapi dimana ya!!] we exchange words with "hey bro, where have i seen you before?". Then, we recall an event we both participated, thus greeted each other with a hand shake.. aah "long time running bro'" We have met before at the first bloggers night 2 years ago being host by the Arab-families in kuala Belait. He's back from melbourne going for a short holiday here. [mcm c OOF lh]. Nothing much have change since you left Brunei, i said.. Well there your living in a fast lane. He's one of the bro's who is into sunsets photos, he's crafted work really inspired me..[safarul] visit .Pity thou, he said that the feeling just isn't there anymore.. Emm i wonder why ?

Exchanging contact we ended our conversation.

The pics;-

Capturing images of sunsets is something worth living for. I grew fond each day for this scenery & still hunting for more pictures. It seep right thru me & it stick like glue. This sunsets scenery helps me grow & i blend quickly with it's surrounding. It never bored me doing the same things twice!!

On this recent sunset quest, i present to you an image of a man seen standing at the beach taking pictures of the sunset. What entice me in taking this manner is his posture. His posture is just ideal enough for me to compose a silhouette pics of him with the sun. I sidle behind him not to attract his attention & place my gears just a fraction parallel with the subject as his figure slightly covering the sun was what i had in mind. This simple artistic subject makes a strong silhouette image look awesome.[haha angkat bakul aah kediaku].

Knowing what you want to shoot making it more easier to create a magnificent image. But sometimes you can't make it on your own!! Like in this picture, a friend is all i need to create a gawking & mouth-watering images.[envy?] haha...

I'd be more appreciative, if you could leave your comment or critics on the comments provided instead at the shout-out box. Thank you very much & have a pleasant viewing. ollaa!!

P/s: Luckily, there's no ghost clowning at the beach, so i didn't have to clone them out & placed it at oXp pics..hehe[jokingly]

Tuesday, June 30, 2009



Remained Hidden

I've waited for this moment for quite sometime & it's worth waiting. This time around i wanted to capture sunset where the sun is hidden, somehow, beyond my expectation, i captured one composition even better off than what i imagined initially.

The day at the beach, as usual, accompanied by my friend puppetpicasso, who also admired to this wonderful scenery. He was too amazed by it without realizing that, he moved closer towards the scenery and left me behind, gawking alone and still in astonishment. Whilst setting up my tripod & unpacking my gears, i began to compose several ideas. Slowly, I moved from one spot to another, just to entice myself and pick up the good mood. The idea was for myself to be agiled with the compositon in mind.

Well, I managed to capture this, portraying blue sky layered with black & white clouds up above . The sun was overshadowed for several mintues so I took few shots with different settings suits to my liking.

I'd be most welcome & happy, if you would kindly leave a comment at the comment column instead at the shout-out box. Thank you once again. Enjoy viewing.

Sunday, June 28, 2009




I've been scouting locations at Tutong District on several occassion. Among several areas scouted, Tasek Merimbun is one of them. On this recent outings i've minimised to only 2 person instead of 6 person schedule. Sorry guys..we'll revisit Tasek Merimbun with a bigger crowd next time. Due to unforseen circumstances we had to decide & not being irreverent accordingly as per-schedule.

Sunday Morning 5:oo am we head towards our destination with only a few minutes to spare for food & beverages. Then heading to Tasek Merimbun with a limited time curfew. All in a rush..yikes!
An irrevocable decision :-) Ditching the schedule, as we have another plan mixed up on the same day..Darn!!

A long narrow wooden man-made bridge, was build to connect to this island. This bridge was rebuilt by the villagers due to the previous bridge being broken down beyond repair. The villagers take initiative measure to connects visitors to this tiny island. Crossing this wooden bridge will cost visitors B$1.oo per entry for adults & o.50 cents for kids. No credit-cards allowed!![ hehe] business jua aah!!

Luckily i've brought along my wallet & CF card parked earlier in my camera..[hehe]

Tuesday, June 23, 2009



It's about time to revisit this lighthouse again. I've been here before, seems like i'm going in circle's yet again!. At the previous lighthouse outings, i've missed out opportunity to take & explore more of possible shot of the lighthouse. These time around, i've come prepared & wanting. My preserverance had paid off adding another collection to my sunsets photos.
A concrete block as the foreground, Lighthouse being the subject with Blue sky as the background. [Typical]
Shots was captured after the sunset's seen setting, so i focus my attention back to the lighthouse & here it is...Enjoyed!
P/s: oopps!! nearly forgot, [Puppet-picasso] was tagging along for this sunset's adventure..wolf..wolf..

Monday, June 22, 2009


Signboard uses is widely accepted means of directing instructions. Signboard are usually place besides roadside or at strategic places to avoid confusion for road users to follow. But perhaps this one is a bit peculiar to others. This signboard photo was captured during my photo hunting session. Yes indeed it's funny thou. A signboard directing car owners who wishes to dispose their old car be place as shown at the above pics.

If any inquires regarding this matter, feel free to fill up the form![heheh] Form $1.oo per car entry..

I, wonder to whom does the said land belongs. It should be legal thou..[ hehehe..]



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