Wednesday, April 29, 2009





THE LEADING LINES: - The Last Ditch...

Monday, April 27, 2009


f7.1 focal length: 11mm ISO 100 shutter speed: 1/80s flash not fired /cigaratte lite & butt scratch


The Leading lines:

Another Crap work done, i didn't had a good night sleep looking at this picture taken. First i was tired, then i force myself to participate a challenge entitled the leading lines. I was so eager at it, that i even listed out all the leading lines compose. But then several days gone & yet i'm too busy doing this & that. Caught up with work which soon leads me to this only pics. I've done several composition before , just that i needed a new shot this time for the challenge. The Title - Keep the river clean - in conjunction with the Earth Day, A journal posted at the Borneo Bulletin 23rd April 2009 in celebration which carries this year National Theme. I surrender myself & submit this photo to be judge. By the end of this month all photo's are to be submitted. I'm Lazy to type in anymore i'm going to sleep.. Enjoy viewing the pics, i'll be reading the comments soon.. Zzzzzz... (Typing on one eye close again).

To Bro OOF, Thanks you for the ideas, looking forward for another challenge. i'll be back...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009



Reminiscence(The Healing time) :- A dramatic or traumatic event in your own life can distort one's thinking .We tend to subconsciously decide what to do before figuring out why we want to do it in the first place. How time passes by so quickly, as i looked back the wonder years, how i wish i could turned back the time. If only there's a time machine, surely i'll be the first person in line. Why? well it for me to know & it's for you to find out.
Reminiscence(Today's outing):- A day in the office was like running into a traffic jam without an exit, a one way street. Couldn't even put the gear into reverse cause there's always someone wanting to go forward. Stuck in the middle and the only way out is to go thru it. (Damn). I had nothing interesting done lately.. & my camera going back hibernating after my last outings. On my way back home from office, i just had this urged to call up my camera out again for action. This time myself & the sunset be the composition. The sky looked astonishingly awesome. Roars of white clouds, blue stretch horizon and a simple touch of the glaring sun would be just perfect. At First I hesistantly put myself on this spotlight cause i'm not fond of capturing images that include me in it.(Just not me).
Arriving to the site, i pick out a nice spot for myself shying away from preying eyes of what i'm doing. The spot as shown as above pics. An idea just run in my mind, sitting on this wood should be enough. A couple of shot taken. A minute silent browsing on the 3inch screen of the pics taken, as i was just about to pack my things , a couple approaches. i try to ignore at first but their perserverance defeats me. A questions asked by them, 1) Are you a photographer? 2) So What picture did you take? 3) Are we in it, cause we saw you aiming you camera at us? That's a 3 questions a normal person would straighly reply. well no, not me.(jokingly) I replied them with another set of answer. I said,1) No i'm not, i'm a model & my photographer is late yet again. 2) Then i took some pictures of myself before his arrival just to kill off the time waiting 3) No i was aiming at the sun, but then i just couldn't resist to accidently involve both of you in it.
They looked at each other & i could see smiles shaping up....(couple) eerrk could we have an insight of the photos? (painQ) well be my guess.. (couple) ooohh my.. astonishing.. (then speaking among themself in mandarin - supaya aku inda tau aku kana ucap2 lh 2..hehehk) but to my amazement, they revently applause my creativity.. bla.bla.bla...this & that.. shaking hands ..bye...bye..
Then back to my reminiscence.. Where was i? oooh yes.. i hurriedly pack my things start up the ignition an vrroommm.. Back home, i didn't still figure out a title, after i've done some editing, only then the REMINISCENCE WAS BORN.

Sunday, April 19, 2009



I've Been here before, seems like i'm going in circle.I've taken the same lighthouse pics 2007 but from the front-view. The same lighthouse that i've taken two years ago & this time shots were taken from the beach. Going there wasn't easy. I had to drive in with my 4x4 offroad just to get there. Driver's should take precautious saftey as the road leading to the beach was covered with bushes and visibility at dawn is quite dangerous.Then jangan Tegur2.. otey as we had some unpleasant outings here before..(I'm Planning to have another go at this very location soon).Pics was taken dawn at 6pm & lots of mosquito..Yikess..

Tuesday, April 14, 2009



Friday, April 03, 2009


Spent hours with my computer, designing on how the new blog should look like.. Been with coffee & lots of cigaratte, room fill with smoke & dogs barking echoing far within my ears.. The internet didn't help much as it kept on connecting & get disconnected.. Seems it didn't want me to Finish all the works done.. Yet again so far i've come up with this.. 70% had been done.. Esok sambung lagi ler..zzzzz

Thursday, April 02, 2009


I would like to apologize to all viewers as this blog is going another construction in process.. Thank you for the visit & i'll be Back soon.. Sedang korek sana tambal sini, pit sana pit sini.. lobang sana lobang sini.. Insyallah siap dlm Bulan Oktobaa or Nobembaa..mcm d seria punya construction ler.. heheh..



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