Tuesday, June 30, 2009



Remained Hidden

I've waited for this moment for quite sometime & it's worth waiting. This time around i wanted to capture sunset where the sun is hidden, somehow, beyond my expectation, i captured one composition even better off than what i imagined initially.

The day at the beach, as usual, accompanied by my friend puppetpicasso, who also admired to this wonderful scenery. He was too amazed by it without realizing that, he moved closer towards the scenery and left me behind, gawking alone and still in astonishment. Whilst setting up my tripod & unpacking my gears, i began to compose several ideas. Slowly, I moved from one spot to another, just to entice myself and pick up the good mood. The idea was for myself to be agiled with the compositon in mind.

Well, I managed to capture this, portraying blue sky layered with black & white clouds up above . The sun was overshadowed for several mintues so I took few shots with different settings suits to my liking.

I'd be most welcome & happy, if you would kindly leave a comment at the comment column instead at the shout-out box. Thank you once again. Enjoy viewing.

Sunday, June 28, 2009




I've been scouting locations at Tutong District on several occassion. Among several areas scouted, Tasek Merimbun is one of them. On this recent outings i've minimised to only 2 person instead of 6 person schedule. Sorry guys..we'll revisit Tasek Merimbun with a bigger crowd next time. Due to unforseen circumstances we had to decide & not being irreverent accordingly as per-schedule.

Sunday Morning 5:oo am we head towards our destination with only a few minutes to spare for food & beverages. Then heading to Tasek Merimbun with a limited time curfew. All in a rush..yikes!
An irrevocable decision :-) Ditching the schedule, as we have another plan mixed up on the same day..Darn!!

A long narrow wooden man-made bridge, was build to connect to this island. This bridge was rebuilt by the villagers due to the previous bridge being broken down beyond repair. The villagers take initiative measure to connects visitors to this tiny island. Crossing this wooden bridge will cost visitors B$1.oo per entry for adults & o.50 cents for kids. No credit-cards allowed!![ hehe] business jua aah!!

Luckily i've brought along my wallet & CF card parked earlier in my camera..[hehe]

Tuesday, June 23, 2009



It's about time to revisit this lighthouse again. I've been here before, seems like i'm going in circle's yet again!. At the previous lighthouse outings, i've missed out opportunity to take & explore more of possible shot of the lighthouse. These time around, i've come prepared & wanting. My preserverance had paid off adding another collection to my sunsets photos.
A concrete block as the foreground, Lighthouse being the subject with Blue sky as the background. [Typical]
Shots was captured after the sunset's seen setting, so i focus my attention back to the lighthouse & here it is...Enjoyed!
P/s: oopps!! nearly forgot, [Puppet-picasso] was tagging along for this sunset's adventure..wolf..wolf..

Monday, June 22, 2009


Signboard uses is widely accepted means of directing instructions. Signboard are usually place besides roadside or at strategic places to avoid confusion for road users to follow. But perhaps this one is a bit peculiar to others. This signboard photo was captured during my photo hunting session. Yes indeed it's funny thou. A signboard directing car owners who wishes to dispose their old car be place as shown at the above pics.

If any inquires regarding this matter, feel free to fill up the form![heheh] Form $1.oo per car entry..

I, wonder to whom does the said land belongs. It should be legal thou..[ hehehe..]

Saturday, June 20, 2009


Dawn is fast approaching, the weather is sullen & cold as if it's winter. I sat in despair thinking, what should i do with my next blog photo posting. What I have done in mind has been done few weeks ago. My laptop sits on my lap, i'm trying to write something but no words came to my mind. It went blank & my hands feel numb. I didn't have any ideas and had to think of something real fast. This silence can ruin my imagination...
I looked at my camera still sitting sturdily on my tripod, been at that position since my last sunset outings at the beach the other day. Hesistantly i walk towards it. On seconds thoughts, i should shoot something but where do i begin. I run thru pages on my notebook, places that i've been, i recalled those locations & its scenery still vivid in my mind. As i was browsing thru the pages, one note caught my attention. It says a tree where the sun falls, nice shooting especially at dawn! Heck! I didn't recollect writing in riddles..

I thought hard of images in my head. There are lots of trees out there, but which one & where's the location?

Finally, i came to my senses & reminisce one such place. Immediately I headed to the said location. I found that particular tree hidden behind bushes of trees, "there you are, i said to myself'. The sky was getting dark when i arrived there. Realising that I had too hurry. It's getting dark! yikes..scary!

So here it is.. Nice & sullen..

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The last call home

A last call to this last shot taken, marking yet another series to my sunset photos. I've been away for a while but not far from it's sight. Wandering & scampering along the beach occasionally, it doesn't seem peculiar anymore as the beach is just like my playing field.
I'd pack my gears on several frivolous occassion. Packing it back & forth, here & there, inside & out off my car. Improbable some may say's . Why? Capturing image at the right place, at the right time & at the right moment, that too depends on my mood. [hehehe]

Although the sky look dull & faded, it doesn't dampened my mood for this scenery to be captured. I deliberately let myself wait for the sunset only by just a fraction to be seen & captured this stunning images for all to witness. In just a few seconds one call & one shot was all importantly necessary.

Saturday, June 06, 2009



Prior to photographing an area for sunsets, i scout locations that i feel ideal in various weather conditions, so i can gauge when i should visit and what to expect. When i finally decide to take photos of the said locations, i explore the area with my camera. Prefecting the composition, waiting, waiting, waiting for the light to change. I took several photographs and stayed for over an hour before this particular scene emerged.

This seems to be ideal enough..[Boat shown as the look-out, sunsets, since i love silhouette photos, here's the combo].

A conversations i had with ichinose the other day about sunsets, we both agree to terms that some may like it while others may have a different perspective. He did mention about doing potrait. well then, i'll put that to considerations as the next project to be.



I started my series of sunsets photography project just recently. This photo being taken a couple of months ago was one of the very first idea i had in mind. Nothing much to look upon and get inspired with. Nonetheless, it's a stepping stone for this project. The reason to choose this to be the highlights of the day, as this images may be controversial and may incite negative responses from those with a more "traditional" perspective.

"I did not intend to get a recognition for what i'm doing currently. It's just my way, for me to improve my photography, thus killing the time rather than doing nothing at all. "

The pics as shown above, was taken after the sunsets. Leaving rays of potraying lights shadows at the clouds above. My intend was to display the variety of colours seen tainted up on the sky. Never before had i seen layers of different colours visible to the eye being shown by nature. Then i did not propose two individuals to be in this pics. They were both there before me minding their ownself.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009


Right Before Your Eyes
I witness the sunsets until it's gone from my sights. It sets on the far end of the horizon & beyond my reached. I pick a spot & place my gear waiting for the sunset. I begin to assemble my gear & placing it at my tripod. Brought along a folded chair just for myself to rest my butt.
At the beach, the surrounding was calm & peaceful. Birds seen flying & chirping back to their nests, after a day's hunting food for their halflings . They too seem's to notices that it's an end to a tiring day. I look thru the viewfinder for a possibble shot of the sunsets, making adjustment as each shot taken until i'm satisified with the result. Sweat runs thru, minutes gone. Colours of the sky begins to appear,showing its true nature. I look away from the viewfinder looking at the whole scenery. I'm a spectators to this sunsets show.
As the show begin to draw down its curtain, i had already a couple of shot taken & couldn't wait to bring it home again.

Monday, June 01, 2009


Sunsets scenery is one of my favourite photography. No matter how it is being capture. It does give me the excitement whenever viewing it. A prefer natural sunsets shots taken rather than the HDR version. Somehow the HDR versions look fake.The title Life & Burn sunsets is a combination of my lifeworks & the sunsets. My photography started to take off 2 years ago, being inspired by sunsets photos. How pleasant & soothing whenever i lay my eyes on it. It keeps me calm & relax after a stressful day at work .I 'd only had the time to take photos after going home from work. Tense with the atmosphere at work, i occasionally cools off taking photos of the sunsets. The ideas & inspirations gets me going until now.
A note;
Quietly thinking to myself, i'm sharing half a mind instead of none. I would surround myself with things that helps me grow. A laugh in the inside that i have changed:-[PainQler]



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