Sunday, February 21, 2010

i'M bACK


Happy New Year 2010, wishing all the best this year. It's been several months not posting anything & without a definite reason. I guess i'm pretty much bored, doing the usual thing daily. So here's a start-up pics in the dark with a little bit of twist.
Why in the dark?
Blackout & waiting for the lights to turn back on.Doing some reading about low-lights photography, which entice me in doing it. Huh~...I'm not really confident enough with low lights photos, perhaps this coming weeks, i'll managed to do it better.The guys are back & ready for yet another exciting outings together, who are not afraid to get back home late for dinner..
The shot~
Trying to get things right, i took several shot & some determination shows. Shot in Aperture priority mode with an exposure of f/22 at 20 seconds, iso 100.
Does it do any justice?..



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